I drew the queens of Season 1 when Logo re-aired the "Lost Season" in 2013! For some reason, my post about the first episode has disappeared, but... here's the rest!

Although I've watched RuPaul's Drag Race since the first season, I didn't start drawing the queens until Season 3! So in 2014, I went back, re-watched Season 2, and drew my favorite looks. I also got to interview a few of the queens about their experiences!

Although Season 3 was my first time drawing the Drag Race queens, I didn't do a substantive amount of blogging about it. But you can click here for the full gallery of that season's work. My blogging about Season 4 has gotten mangled by some technical difficulties, so you can click here for that season's gallery. 

You probably remember that the first ALL STARS season followed soon after Season 4, right? I did a fair bit of blogging about Season 5, too:

I moved to Chicago in 2013, and I fell in love with the drag scene there! I also started interviewing my favorite queens about each episode in Season 6. (Check out the chats with Shea Coulee and Kim Chi!!!)

Seasons 7 and 8 included a lot more interviews!

ALL STARS Season 2 featured an interview with Sasha Velour!

Here are my interviews and posts from Season 9!