ALL-STARS: Episode 5

Okay, sorry, you've got to forgive me, but I'm still in a lovey-dovey daze from this episode. Seriously, it was just too much. Comics, drama, costumes--what else could a boy want? Though honestly, the episode's beginning was a little rough--playing F-I-S-H on the basketball court? Ugh, seriously, drudging up all sorts of childhood trauma for this nelly-boy artist. For an episode based entirely around comic books, focusing on basketball for the mini-challenge felt pretty random. Why not have a fun comic challenge to start things off? Like, maybe have a comic book artist show up who is also totally into drag queens and drawing them and he'd just hang out with the girls and feel special and loved and he'd be on TV finally, FINALLY on the Drag Race, andhe'ddrawthemall and itwouldbesomagical andthen......

Whoops, sorry. Totally should have been on this episode. Just saying. And why didn't we get a few shots (or ten) of the Pit Crew shooting some hoops? Come on, Drag Race producers! GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!


In any case, the comic theme was lots of fun. (I should point out that my buddy Justin Hall wrote a whole graphic novel starring a drag superheroine, Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny, and it's great!) It was also great to see the queens puzzle through their various origin stories, despite their difficulties with the challenge. Seriously, girls, you ever need help writing up some comic stories? I'm your man. Call me. Please.

Favorite line of that segment? Shannel: "He's the Disney bitch. And... I'm just an evil c*nt."

Favorite observation of that segment? Raven's mom is a fox! Must run in the family...

ANYWAY! I loved all the runway looks. The queens are sickening, and it's great to see them having fun with their giant-sized superhero personas. And Ru was looking her absolute best--I nearly drew her, but I already had four outfits to illustrate, so we'll just have to make do without. Also, it was a thrill to see Wendy and Elvira get so into the judging process. Right?


The lip sync between Raven and Jujubee was, of course, intense and wonderful. Some folks seem to think that the queens essentially broke down on stage and failed to perform. But the way I saw it, both of them, wracked with emotion, performed the song the only way they could: as a wrenching tribute to each other.

Chad brings up the Hunger Games a lot, and Rujubee essentially pulled off Katniss' trick at the end of the first book--manipulating the judges to let them both live.

And for that, I'm grateful.

As Chad said in Untucked: "Each of you bitches is on point."

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