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The Cardboard Kingdom is a graphic novel about kids, creativity, and cardboard! The book follows a variety of children who all live and play in the same neighborhood -- throughout the many chapters, you'll see each child's story unfold, overlap with other kids' adventures, and finally converge upon an epic final quest before summer's end! I created and coordinated the project with these ten amazing writers:

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The Cardboard Kingdom: Roar of the Beast, the next book in the Cardboard Kingdom series, will be published in summer of 2021!

We have twelve different Cardboard Kingdom papercraft designs you can download for free and make at home to create your own CK-inspired costume! Download them here! These were designed for us by Kostas Ntanos!

We made a special new CK Halloween story called “HALLOWEEN.EXE” that you can read right here!

Download some free coloring book pages from The Cardboard Kingdom!

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