WEEK OF RU, Season 2: Day 1

Okay, over the last few years, I've drawn a lot of drag queens. They keep making more seasons of that damn Drag Race, I keep meeting amazing queens in Chicago, I keep working on drag queen board games and video games and comics.... But I've never drawn Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race. I get asked about it all the time, because so many of those queens are still beloved and still doing amazing stuff. Here's the T: I started drawing the Drag Race queens in Season 3--it's all Raja's fault. I've been all over the show ever since then. When they re-aired the first season in 2013, I took the opportunity to draw "The Lost Season". But when would I get the chance to draw Season 2?

Well, I found myself with a little bit of time this fall and an itch to draw some queens. So I decided to re-watch the second season for the first time in five years and relive all that glorious drama.

And I loved it.

Here’s what’s great about Season 2:

  • It’s not about the clash of different “types” of drag. For the most part, they’re all going for the same thing, even the “funny” queen (Pandora) and the “fishy” queen (Tatianna). It doesn't make the competition any less interesting--it makes it all the more competitive and compelling.
  • UNTUCKED is superb. No heart-wrenching videos to induce breakdowns or audience sympathy. Just drammmma! And drinking. Lots of that, too.
  • No good guys, no bad guys. Just girls who don't get along, and girls who do.

Over the next week, I’m going to focus on a different queen each day: Tatianna, Pandora, Tyra, Jujubee, and Raven (in that order)

But today I want to share individual portraits of some of the other fabulous queens from Season 2:



Okay, I couldn't not draw this moment. Come on. I live in Chicago.

And this was in the very first episode of Untucked. See? I told you Untucked was amazing in Season 2. So iconic, so classic. But I feel bad because I do like Mystique a lot, and it sucks that she'll forever be associated with that moment. Especially because that whole argument seemed to stem from Morgan's poking and prodding.



Morgan came on the show with a ton of confidence. She was on home turf, an LA queen, and she was tight with Raven. But that confidence, combined with her outspoken tendencies, came across as cockiness. Like, it was important to express her opinion at all times, despite the (sometimes explosive) results.

Still, she's a fierce queen, and she can lip sync for the gods.


Jessica brought some seriously stunning looks to the runway, she’s a high-energy performer, and she’s a total sweetheart.

Jessica Wild
Jessica Wild



What can I say about Sahara? She possessed an astonishing grace and elegance that I haven't seen in any other queen. Throughout the season, she struggled to let loose, to drop her guard. And she succeeded in some truly legendary, epic lip sync performances. She was a great beauty and an incredible queen.

Thanks so much for joining me in DAY 1 of my WEEK OF RU! Early tomorrow morning, I'll share my portraits of Tatianna alongside some exclusive interview questions with the queen herself!

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