Demons and daydreaming

Centipede When each season of the Drag Race ends, I'm stuck with the question of "well, now what?"

It always takes me a while to find my footing and my focus, but I've spent the last few months working intensively on my comics. Through all of August, I've declined most commercial jobs for the sake of my long-term comic projects, drawing all day, feverishly trying to keep up my pace of finishing self-imposed deadlines.

It's been great. But comics are hard--it's astonishing how much work you can sink into just a few panels of story. And as I devote more and more time in a project, I lose all perspective of it, all the certainty that it's actually worth finishing. I fall into an artistic rut, drawing the same characters in subtly different poses from page to page. And since I'm doing somewhat static, autobiographical stories, I find myself itching to draw something fun.

So over the last few weeks, I've been taking short breaks from my comics to draw out my demons. Or rather, to draw some demons. I'm not exactly sure why I'm inclined toward the demonic--I guess the extravagant horns, fangs, and face paint aren't far off from the appeal of drag queens.

I don't know when I'll be able to share my latest comics. I don't know whether a publisher will be interested in them or if I'll get mired for months in revision and self-doubt. But as I toil away on them, it's nice to daydream.

Beardy tusks painted face Liara HornsHunky demon Hair Gold