The WEEK OF RU: Day 5

Joslyn Thanks for participating in my little guessing game for the WEEK OF RU: Day 5! I wanted to mix things up, and I didn't want any queen to get picked last, so I came up with this way to wrap things up. And congrats to David B. (aka Kim M.) on Facebook for winning $20 towards my prints and books!

So, who were the 2 queens I hinted at? (As if any of you had a hard time guessing...)


Joslyn is a fox, no doubt about it. In a cast of seasoned comedy queens, Joslyn stands out to me as the fishiest queen of them all. She seems really sweet and charming, though she may be too unassuming to stand out as a character among the other queens this season. But best of luck, my dear!




Magnolia is a true dark horse of the season, and so far, she's flying under most people's radar. But I'm intrigued by her quirky Youtube videos, which showcase an offbeat sense of humor and a consistently funny character. There have been a lot of comments on her contouring and lips, but I've grown to really like her mug--it suits her sensibilities perfectly.

I don't know how Magnolia will fare in the main challenges or on the runway, but I hope the Drag Race gives her a chance to show off her strengths. And if not, she'd better keep turning it out on Youtube!

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