The WEEK OF RU: Day 4

Thanks, everyone, for participating in the final day of voting for the WEEK OF RU! I'll be changing the format for the final 3 days, so be sure to check in on Facebook and Twitter tomorrow morning! So! Who took the top 2 spots today?

Well, first up is ADORE DELANO!


I think Adore is going to keep things really interesting. She’s got a Willam kind of thing going on, throwing out one-liners and projecting an off-kilter cockiness. Her character will be polarizing among fans, as will her edgy sense of style. But behind the bravado, this queen is funny, and she's gorgeous. She'll probably have some rough edges, some stumbles, but she's one to watch.

In a cast with so many more experienced queens, I see Adore and Laganja as two fierce upstarts in the season. Adore will bring comedy, style, and her vocal talents, whereas Laganja contributes her fierce personality, over-the-top fashion, and dance moves.

(Oh, and I should say that I designed a T shirt for Adore, and we should hopefully be seeing that soon! It's pretty badass, so watch for it!)


 KellyAnd finally, Ms. Kelly Mantle!

I've been a huge fan of Kelly ever since I first started hearing about her last summer--yes, I might have stumbled across some rumors that she was in Season 6. As soon as I saw this fabulous video of hers, I was hooked.

Kelly has a really unusual temperament for a drag queen--she comes across as laid back, unshakable. Like, the Drag Race is just another gig--no big deal. I don't expect a lot of drama from Kelly, but I do expect her to bring a ton of talent to the stage. She's a comedian, an actress, a singer. She might not often steal the spotlight, but she's going to be a serious contender.

And any queen who can trade Ani Difranco lyrics with me on Twitter has the official Chad Sell seal of approval!