The WEEK OF RU: Day 2

Wowza! What a day! As I started to tally up today's votes, I really had no idea who'd be in the top 2. And it was a close one! The top 4 queens were all within 20 points of each other, after hundreds of fans participated! So, yeah! Thanks for another fabulous day! Darienne



I'm especially excited to announce that Miss Darienne Lake came out on top! I think Darienne is an absolute delight--gorgeous, hilarious, and sweet as hell. The drag mama of Pandora Boxx, Darienne has been in the drag world for, well, a long time, and she's sure to be a fan favorite during Season 6. How could you watch her "Meet the Queens" video and not fall in love?

I'm hoping for great, great things from Miss Darienne Lake.



Tonight's second spot could have gone either way (I'm sorry, Ben and Adore! You were soooo close!), but Courtney Act won out!

Of all the Season 6 queens, I actually had the hardest time capturing the likeness of "the most beautiful man in the world," because, well, he's so pretty! It was hard to pick out any one distinguishing feature amid the glorious radiance of Courtney.

I'm curious, in fact, whether the high, polished shine she brings to the competition will help or hinder her. She's already garnered a huge fanbase around the world, and for good reasons--besides her beauty, she's talented and funny as hell! But despite the recent seasons' embrace of the underdog drag queens, I wouldn't be surprised if Courtney takes the crown.

Voting for the WEEK OF RU will continue Saturday morning! There are still so many queen portraits I'm dying to share! So, I mean, I hope you're not entirely sick of this already! Thanks, everyone! Mwah!