The WEEK OF RU: Day 1

Wow! The WEEK OF RU got off to such a great start today! Thanks so, so much to all the queens and to all of you fabulous fans for participating! It’s so nice to see that you’re all as thrilled about these queen as I am, and it’s really amazing to share in the excitement with my Drag Race illustrations!

I’ll be the first to admit that the voting process on Twitter and Facebook was far from scientific, but I did my best to tally things up. And it was close!


Milk came out with the most votes, and here’s my take on that: There are a lot of incredible queens in the Season 6 cast, and many of them are well known in the drag community. For months, there had been rumors about the more established queens who had made it onto the show, but despite all the gossip, no one was ready for MILK!

Milk’s irreverent humor and delightful genderfuckery were an immediate hit with the fans, and the fact that no one knows anything about her just adds to the appeal--she’s a total wildcard, a queen of unlimited possibilities!

And she’s really, really fun to draw!



Laganja has a lot of buzz surrounding her, and it’s clear she’s learned a lot from her superstar drag mama Alyssa Edwards. In a cast filled to the brim with comedy queens, Laganja is pure performance--I suspect her killer dance moves will send a whole lotta queens home this season.

I’ll admit that this portrait is probably too reserved and unassuming for Laganja--it’ll take a lot more art to capture her over-sized character throughout the season! I think she’ll be a livewire, dramatic and divine. She has a huge fanbase already, and like Milk, she appeals to fans of a looser, more irreverent take on drag. But despite her stoner sense of humor, I think she’s focused, fierce, and ferocious.

The WEEK OF RU continues tomorrow morning! Thanks again, everyone!