The WEEK OF RU: Day 6



Hey everyone! Thanks for participating in today's little guessing game! As almost all of you guessed, the "mystery queen" was, of course, Manila in her fabulous first look from All Stars. I thought it would be one of the most easily recognizable silhouettes in Drag Race history, but I might make things a liiiittle harder tomorrow.

Oh! And the winner of today's contest is Sergio N. on Facebook! Congratulations!


Okay! On to the Season 6 queens!





With so many comedy queens on the cast this season, I expect April to stand apart by delivering some of the most jaw-dropping runway looks of the season.

I see as a mix of Ivy Winters and Yara Sofia. Like Ivy, she's gorgeous and sweet, though a little quiet. And they both favor theatrical outfits with flair.

I don't think April is as eccentric as Yara, but I expect that she'll deliver some avant garde, over-the-top extravaganza like her predecessor.








Wow, so, Vivacious. I think it's clear that she'll set herself apart as an unforgettable Drag Race queen, regardless of how long she stays in the competition. One of the biggest surprises when the  cast was announced, Vivacious has already been embraced for her outrageous looks and for representing an important component of drag history.

Plus, I am dying to draw some of the outfits of hers I've seen. Seriously, they're just screaming to me.

Vivacious definitely loves some shock value, as you can see in her "double-headed" look from the new Season 6 trailer. I have no idea how long she'll last, but I'm sure she'll leave quite a mark.


Tomorrow will be the final day of THE WEEK OF RU--I'm so grateful to everyone for participating! After the final Season 6 art is revealed on Wednesday, I plan to have a Reddit AMA on the Rupaul's Drag Race subreddit, so find me there if you have any questions!