BATMAN: The Illustrated Adventures!

A lot of you have pointed out that I've been experimenting with a new style that uses painterly shading techniques. While I've been working with it, I've had Bruce Timm's gorgeous work from Batman: The Animated Series on my mind. He brings a minimal elegance to his work, with sleek simple colors and just little touches of shading. I've tried to put my own spin on that with this new series of pin-ups based on his classic character designs from the cartoon. As always, you can find all my latest work on my Etsy store!

Catwoman copy

"Selina's Scratching Post."

Batman and Joker copy

"Best Buddies."

Nightwing copy

"Dick Checks it Out."


"A Big Batsuit to Fill."

Poison Ivy and Harley copy

"Pam & Harley."