Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Del Rio This is my portrait of Bianca's killer "Black Widow" look from Episode 3! It won the most votes of my little contest this week--thanks for participating, everyone!

Bianca Del Rio - Close up small

After each episode of the Drag Race, I frantically start sketching all my favorite looks, trying to come up with cool poses and compositions for each new illustration.  And at a certain point of the afternoon, I have to take stock and decide which ones are far enough along to finish that day, and which ones are going to take more time than I've got to figure out.  Unfortunately, I had to set aside my sketches of April and Laganja--despite their AMAZING runway looks, I was kind of stuck on their illustrations.

And so I had my voting contest to determine which queen's portrait to finish! I didn't want anyone to feel left out, and I'm sad that I didn't get the chance to draw Laganja or April. But it's not because I didn't love their looks!

The Drag Race seasons are long, so I've gotta pace myself! If I drew EVERY look I loved each week, I'd burn out before the Snatch Game! So I'll probably use your votes again to help pick among the queens I didn't get to earlier each week. Thanks so much for your help in figuring that out!

If you like these new portraits of Bianca, I already have them available as prints at my store, so check them out!