Rupaul's Drag Race: Season 4, Ru's Recap Week

(Chad's note: due to some technical difficulties, the images in this post won't appear correctly. Sorry!)

[singlepic id=158 w=350 h=550 float=right]Wow, just one more week to go, and we'll have a WINNER! Who could choose  between these three queens, amirite?

In honor of this week's recap, I wanted to revisit some outfits from earlier in the season that I missed before.

Lots of Drag Race fans suggested some of the queens' apocalyptic looks, and I love me some sci-fi realness, so I was happy to oblige. Here's Chad Michaels behind his heavenly veil:

And then there is, of course, Sharon's unforgettably winning look from that first episode...

[singlepic id=160 w=550 h=650 float=center]

[singlepic id=161 w=350 h=550 float=left]

All season, I've had fans clamoring for more pieces of Willam (who wouldn't want a piece of Willam?), and I knew that this lacy little number would be a pleasure to draw.

Besides Willam, I've also gotten a lot of requests for more portraits of Phi Phi. And I'll admit that watching this week's clip show reminded me how many truly lovely looks Phi Phi has brought down the runway.

But did I draw any of those?


No, of course not!

[singlepic id=162 w=375 h=550 float=center]

(But seriously, Phi Phi, you're gorgeous!)

As always, my prints of Chad Michaels, Sharon Needles, and Latrice Royale are available for sale right here!