Rupaul's Drag Race: Season 4, Episode 8

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Well, gee, this was certainly an episode, wasn't it? So, obviously, if you haven't seen it yet, there are spoilers below. If you just want to see the pretty art, click here.

The polygraph tests were pretty hilarious, and it was particularly delightful to see how much fun Rupaul was having with the interrogations. But we didn't learn anything especially revealing. And there wasn't actually a challenge aspect to it, nor did it really determine the teams for the main challenge. Still, good TV.

Chad and Dida were a fun pair, though they didn't have as much to work with as the other teams. I thought their rendition had the most energy and personality, but the least polish.

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I loved Willam and Latrice's act--their slapstick routine was a delight! And Latrice has never looked better--girl's gotta show off her swerves n' curves more often! Am I going to do an animation of Willam puking afterward? No, of course not. That would be gross and tasteless. I only depict puking drag queens with the utmost style and restraint:

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It was a shame that Phi Phi and Sharon got too caught up in the singing (oh, the singing!) and failed to deliver much chemistry. When they were forced to lip sync against each other, I was veeeeeery worried. Sharon delivered a really strong performance, channeling a fun, off-kilter energy into her act. Whereas Phi Phi slung off her shoes and started frantically showing off her dance skills. How has that worked for all the other contestants this season? Oh, wait, they're all gone.

What do I make of Willam's surprising removal? I admit, I frantically searched online for more answers than the episode provided. Speculation has run rampant, especially given all the tantalizing clues scattered throughout. I do have to say that Willam's abrupt dismissal wasn't a very emotionally satisfying conclusion to the episode, although I'm happy that Phi Phi and Sharon will be sticking around. Here's my guess about what Willam did: I doubt that it's  anything terribly juicy or scandalous--a big revelation or confrontation would have been a magnificent way to end the episode. Rather, I suspect that the producers know that the reality of the situation is a little underwhelming, so they're keeping it mysterious to keep viewers tantalized.

For instance, did you notice that Rupaul didn't seem upset or betrayed by Willam's actions? Ru praised Willam as a gorgeous, talented queen, but essentially said, "You've put us in a situation where we have to kick you out, because you broke the contract." And Willam didn't deny the accusation or justify her actions, she just sort of... left.

Still, despite the frustrating lack of closure, it was damn compelling television! And I'm just happy to keep drawing the delightful, demonic Sharon Needles:

Sharon as Satan
Sharon as Satan

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