Hiding in the corner.

Yesterday, I drove up to snowy Lansing, Michigan to attend the Michigan State University Comics Forum. It was a cool little event, featuring some great artists and panels. And despite myself, I had a good time. My great friend Denver Brubaker (of the fantastic webcomic Tales of a Checkered Man) was exhibiting, and I was eager to hide in the corner with him, rather than venture out and meet new folks. But over the course of the afternoon, I summoned the intestinal fortitude to start meandering amid the artists' tables and managed to to strike up conversations with a number of cool, charming, talented folks.

I talked shop with the tremendously talented Nate Powell, talked Godzilla with Tyler and Sara Sowles of Killustration Studios, and had a great time chatting with Brett Pinson, James Barclay, Nate Higley, Joe Foo, and many others. After working for years in almost total creative isolation, it's been daunting to seek out other artists, but throughout the long, blustery drive home, I couldn't help but buzz with excitement and inspiration.

I've been fretting over whether I should try to exhibit at some conventions this year--I feel like it's yet another hurdle to overcome. I'd like to sell some printed copies of Shadow Play, maybe make some Vreeland minicomics, and even collect Manta-Man. Oh, and speaking of that sexy devil, this week's installment of Manta-Man has just been posted, so go check it out!