RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 1, Episode 8

Okay, some quick thoughts on the "finale" episode of this first season: Cazwell was hilarious. His reactions to the queens' rapping were flawless. His utter disdain for Rebecca? Jaw-dropping.

Wait, rapping queens? Sure, okay.

Lunch with Ru: Bebe and Nina both had lovely Tic Tac lunches with Ru, opening up about all sorts of emotional stuff. Ru was clearly grateful to both of them for giving her crazy new TV show a try. Throughout her stagnant, limp lunch with Rebecca, Ru's internal monologue went something like, "HOLY GOD SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS I THINKING" and "Can we edit Shannel back into this show?"

Crowning a winner in reality TV is always tricky. For RPDR Seasons 1-3, they featured the winner being crowned, collapsing in a fit of joy and bewilderment, but then there's not much else. Roll credits! You want some sort of pay-off, some grander celebration. Like, maybe Ru and the winner run off and become best friends. And maybe they rob some banks, I dunno.

For Seasons 4 and 5, the show went to extreme lengths to prevent spoilers, filming sequences in which all three final queens are crowned. And then they only really find out who won during a live event in NYC that coincides with the airing of the show. So unless you're there in New York, you can't see the queen's actual reaction to her win. So, for everyone at home, it feels like you didn't see the "real" finale to the show.

Why not broadcast the NYC crowning live? It would be messy, loud, and chaotic, but that would give a much better sense of what a real drag show is like. Queens might have to deal with wardrobe malfunctions, broken heels, or snatched wigs, but all the better! It would be utterly riveting. And don't you think those queens would really work their asses off performing in front of those live cameras? It would separate the girls from the queens.

Anyway, I know it will never happen. I'm sure broadcasting live television is a total nightmare. For Season 6, I'm just praying for a more satisfying conclusion than the limp "reunion" episodes we've gotten the past two years.

Oh, right! Back to the beginning: Season 1.

Nina and Bebe are both great, agreed.

Nina stole our hearts in the workroom with her infectious energy and optimism...


...but Bebe really ruled the runway. She's arguably the most elegant and regal queen this show has ever seen.